Jos Entertainment Industry Most be REVAMP – PMAN Plateau State Chapter


By the resolution of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) in a bid to get its bearings on track, Comrade Humphrey Iroegbu was appointed as the Interim PMAN Governor, Plateau State Chapter to pilot the affairs of the Union pending when an election will be conducted. This development culminated in the emergence of the following officials who constitute the Executive Council of PMAN, Plateau State Chapter with their divergent portfolio as follows:
Comrade Humphrey Iroegbu (Color) – Interim Governor 
Comrade Echeooja Linda Bella (Bellarusa) – 1st vice Governor 
Comrade Nathaniel Ndam (Curious) – 2nd vice Governor
Comrade Sir Chris Isibor – State Secretary 
Comrade Nandi Christopher (Melody) – Asst. Secretary 
Comrade Deshe Christopher H. (Christyle Deshe) – Treasurer 
Comrade Terpase Naswem (Kfaz) – Financial Secretary 
Comrade Brains Michael .I. (BMI) – Welfare Officer 
Comrade Gold Owen – Welfare Officer 2
Comrade IMB Kallamu (4wardwego) – Public Relation Officer
Usman Danjuma Daniel (DanJ) – Public Relation Officer 2
Comrade Chika Obioha (Warchild) – Provost
Comrade Victor Daniel (M. C. Celebrity) – Head of Projects
Comrade Sani Ibrahim Yahaya (Japs) – Head of Projects 2
Comrade Paul Ondoma (Paul Blue) – Head of Production 
Comrade Jerry Ejembi (MC Commander) – Head of Task Force
Comrade Emmanuel Ekene Okoye (K-Nas) – Head of Task Force 2
Comrade Joseph Ezekiel (Finine) – Head of Discipline
Comrade Edwin James (Eddy J) – Head of Discipline 2
Comrade (Barr). Bryne S. D. Ekara (Mr. Bryne) – Head, Legal team
The public is by this press release TAKE NOTICE that the previous Executive Council Members of PMAN, Plateau State Chapter had since been dissolved and therefore handed over to the above listed officials. Thus, every deal, treaty and/ or transaction in the name of the Union should be restricted to the above listed officials. 
By this development, all performing musicians, entertainment employers, and event planners are to seek clarifications or approval from the Union before staging any event. This is to avoid any conflicting position which could jeopardize the progress of entertainment on the Plateau.
The New crops of the Executive Council members of PMAN, Plateau State Chapter who are coming on board being knowledgeable of the fact that entertainment vide music can be use as a predictable platform to propagate government policies, promote our beliefs and culture as Nigerians and as well educate the general public have mapped out their plan to accomplish the following during their stay in office:
To organize series of events including shows, area fiesta to enable members showcase their talents, and to further promotes artistes pedigree on the Plateau. These events also will be collaborated with some media houses, government, corporate and private agencies. Duly registered/ Card carrying members of the Association will be given priority first before others. 
The Union is up and doing to protect the right of any artiste in case of any infringement.
Special programs are to be featured on both Radio and Television Stations on the Plateau involving local artiste, thus a forum where their Music will be aired.
To ensure that music belonging to local artistes are aired on both Radio and Television Stations on the Plateau to help promote the artistes.
To encourage artistes’ unity on the Plateau.
PMAN has envision a future for Plateau entertainment and is determined to make sacrifice to bring it to life. This will regulate and generate revenue for the government and guarantee a return for those who invest in entertainment, provides visible and concrete job opportunity for the teaming youths and boost the state economy. 
In a bid to achieve the above, PMAN hereby direct that all public/ corporate events on the Plateau will have a 65 percent (%) representation of its local artistes as well as securing adequate payment for the artistes.
It is also mandatory for event planners to get Clearance for all events on the Plateau endorse to meet the Union’s requirements.
All music brands and companies on the Plateau are to note that the official consent of the Union have to be sought and obtained before they can negotiate, endorse or sign any artiste. The performing artistes are therefore called upon to report any infringement, maltreatment or harassment faced in the course of their engagement with any music brand or company for appropriate measures to be taken. 
The Union has carefully outlined a blue print to help boost brand promotion and increase entertainment investor’s return on entertainment activities and products. 
PMAN therefore call on the Media houses, Government, Corporate and Private agencies to collaborate with the Union to execute its plans/ targets. Meanwhile, the Union is grateful to the leadership of the Plateau State Board of Internal Revenue, the Nigerian Police Plateau State Command, Special Task Force (STF) Plateau State, National Security and Civil Defence Corps Plateau State Command, Operation Safe Haven, all radio station especially Jay JF and Rhythm FM, various government ministries especially the Plateau State Ministry of Youths and Tourism, Ministry of Information and Communication, and the Ministry of Labour and Productivity etc. 

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